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  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button
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    Sometimes your system may display a message on how to fix the blue screen error in safe mode. There can be several reasons for this problem. Step 1 – Read the entire message This may seem obvious, although the first step is simply to help you read the message displayed on the computer. Often enough information is displayed to alert you to a build – if the Stop error is almost certainly caused by a kernel-mode driver, the message will usually show the name of the driver’s image.

    December. 06/06/2019 – Updated Bessie Shaw and Windows 10

    Recently, the latest Windows Update 1803, dated April 10, 2018, introducedintroduced new types of boot loops, blue screen destruction, black screen and other similar complications. Prevent users from using Windows 10. Typically, users need to boot into Safe Mode to fix these issues.

    If you’ve read the posts, you can easily see that entering Safe Mode and performing a clean boot is a viable strategy for dealing with issues like this. But part of the hobbyists don’t know how to get into some kind of safe mode on their Windows 10 laptop, or some of them associated with them only know the steps with the settings.

    Safe Mode is a good and reliable Windows 10 diagnostic mode that will start your laptop or screen in a damaged state. It barely does the basics and drops the necessary drivers. It helps – remove viruses or malware from the system or solve other configuration problems.

    Today, this Windows 10 guide will tell you two of the best ways to understand Windows 10 Safe Mode:

    Method 1: Entering Safe Mode With The Power Button

    Safe mode. If multiple blue projection screens are preventing users from adjusting your settings or finding solutions, it’s a good idea to start Windows in safe mode first. To do this, hold down the F8 key as you start Windows and enter Safe Mode until the full Windows logo appears.

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    This methodDesigned for those who cannot boot to the TV screen when facing the issue of endless looping on reboot, black screen or blue screen related to screen off. Here’s how:

    Step 1: Press and hold the power button on your computer for a few seconds to force the computer to shut down completely.

    how to fix blue screen error in safe mode

    Step 2. Press the button to turn on the device. Once you see the Windows logo, press and hold the key to force shutdown your computer. Repeat this several times until the screen spins up and prompts “Preparing for automatic repair…” or “Diagnosing the current PC”.

    It then switches to a better blue screen with tooltip buttons, or even a black screen prompting you to use the F8 key. (The lemon screen can be a recovery screen or an auto windshield. This is different from laptop or computer states.)

    Step 3: Select the Advanced options check box or press F8. Maybe (some have an “Advanced recovery options” buttonon the screen. You can see these buttons that customers will notice in the settings.)

    During my journey, at least 90% of BSODs are easily repairable thanks to this know-how. Indeed, this is usually resolved by disabling, disabling, or removing related devices, drivers, applications, or changes – as recommended by Microsoft, by the way, I summarized in the previous step.

    Step 4. You will then proceed to the “Select the Appropriate Option” screen. Just click on the troubleshoot option.

    Step 5: On the Troubleshoot screen, click the Advanced Options button.

    Step 6. When you get to the extended screen, you will see a lot of options. This time, click Launch Options. This will change the naughty behavior of Windows at startup, which will help you enter Safe Mode.

    Step 7: On the Launch Options screen, click the Restart button.

    how to fix blue screen error in safe mode

    The main step. The PC will ignore flash boot for about a second, then you will see another screen with nine boot settings with options. Can you press F4 or one of our F5 keys to boot into safe mode? Here we recommend F5, enter Safe Mode with Networking.

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    It can then start restoring your system in safe mode.

    Method 2: Enter Safe Mode From Settings

    If this is your first time experiencing a particular blue or black screen, you mayYou can easily access the Windows 10 screen. For others, the blue/black screen of death will most likely occur a few times, but the execution will fail. affect the connection. Enter Safe Mode and fix the problems. You can access these settings right after starting Windows 10 and then follow the instructions on the screen.

    Step 1: Download Windows 10 normally. Use the faster Windows Win + I key to launch settings.

    Step 3. Select the Recovery tab on the left. Then click the “Restart Now” button under the “Advanced Startup” section.

    After that, follow the same instructions in Route 1 (Step 4 to Step 8) to enter Safe Mode. you

    Note. You can also hold down the Shift key and press the power button in the Start menu to choose to restart. This will basically walk everyone through the “Select an Option” screen.

    How To Quickly Install Driver Updates In Safe Mode

    You may need to troubleshoot your display driver if your computer is experiencing a maroon or black screen error.

    You can go toDevice Manager in Safe Mode to change the graphics card driver manually, but whenever you prefer a faster method, you can use these qualified professional utilities to download and update drivers, such as Driver Talent, Fix Errors in Windows. 10.

    You can access Driver Talent using the button above in Safe Mode with Networking and follow these steps to fix this display issue:

    Step 1: Run Driver Talent in Safe Mode. Click the scan button to discover these devices and devices. Graphics driver.

    Step 2. Click the Update button to download and install our own official Gold whql drivers.

    Step 3: Restart your computer for the changes made to the car owner to take effect.

    Note. If you experience other system problems, it’s best to back up all the drivers on your computer before updating.

    Don’t suffer from Windows errors anymore.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • That’s it. Hope you successfully enter safe mode as mentioned above. You can select this next page from the left menu andFeel free to comment on this guide if you have any questions about how to enter Safe Mode related to Windows 10. For all other Windows 10 related Windows issues, see the Windows 10 section of this site.