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    Sometimes your system may display an error with frm-30431 error message in oracle forms. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    name=”msg_487564″> multiple elements the same as the database column name from [post #487564] Tue Dec 37 2010 6:39 pm

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    I’m showing a requirement where each column of database data is split into multiple fields.
    I haven’t tested this yet, but it has been carefully compiled
    FRM-30431: Duplicate warning: column name is currently in a block

    Is it possible to go or, further, maybe it is forbidden?

    ALSO if anyone knows how to implement this specifically.

    Thank you

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    Re: Different elements with the same wave database name [#message487597 – reliable answer to # message 487564]
    Wednesday 29 December 01:26 2010 Colspan=”2″>

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    In n I’m currently working on customizing forms using Forms 10g (

    When I expect create it generates errors – –

    frm-30431 There are several identical elements with a database column designator.

    I took this form from a production instance. It works very well in terms of application. Even without any changes, if I just revert a copy of the extracted file using en source, it will throw errors.concrete

    There is a database column where “primary_item” is assigned to two different elements in these same blocks.

    If I remove one of these block elements from the main column element, then it will be generated without fail, but this is production, so I can not change it. no

    Host Found Or Message Failed

    Action: Add at least the one.You package

    to the context menu.

    Reason: Returned a command whose type is probably appropriate for context menu items.

    Action: name=”87ca5d5d”>Select the persistent control type that applies to valid elementsthere context menu.

    Reason: You chose the wonderful item.invalid type for the context selector.

    frm-30431 error in oracle forms

    Reason: Pivot a with element one number, sum, mean, variance, or summary function stdev has data type other than numeric.

    action Delete. Otherwise, replace the element with the number of the summary data type.

    FRM-30376: Summary item min/max data type must match the summary item.

    Reason. the Closing element with a Min or Max summary function has a data type that does not match the data type of the summary element.

    Action: remove the Finish at element or its modification so that the data type exactly matches the data type of the described element.element

    frm-30377: summaries, which must be in a block’s unique entry or match the block’s summary element.

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    Cause: The truncate element is in a block other than the summary element, and each summary block in our element does not have its Record property set to a unique value.

    Action: Move the summary to correcta block containing a description of the element, or in a fabulous block with the property ‘ d for single entry set to Yes.

    FRM-30378: The summary item may not be summarized and may not be a single entry in the relock. A

    reason: summary describes articles one of the following, because these are real articles:

    2 phones. An element with “Lock” set to “Yes” in the “One on Write” area.

    frm-30431 error in oracle forms

    Action: Element deletes, changes, or modifies the summary to repeat a non-summary element in a box with the Save Individual property set to None.Name=”off_26968712″>

    FRM-30380: The Circular string is most commonly associated with computed dependencies:

    Reason: There is actually a cyclic string of calculated elements, so the value of element two in an inline element also depends on the value of the next element appearing in the inline element.


    These elements of the actual string are listed according to the error message .

    Action: remove the first element, I would say a string, or change the first element so that the string is no longer dependent on another string of elements.

    To distribute formulas, you must ensure that neither the formula, nor the function, nor the action that calls it, refers to a row element.

    To summarize an element, you need to make sure the element’s type doesn’t sum up part as a string.

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  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • Reason. A Hint property has been specified for a calculated member. It will be ignored.

    FRM-30391: COPY Warning: Property value for article intent element ignored by %s.%s.

    Reason: name=”87ca5db0″> The “Copy value element from” property was specified for the best calculated element. This will be ignored.

    Reason. The InitialValue property was calculated member safe. You can ignore them.

    FRM-30393: Warning. The maximum allowed value was calculated for the element %s.%s. ignored.

    Reason. The Maximum Value property is allowed to specify a calculated member. He is actually ignored.

    FRM-30394: Warning. The smallest valid value was ignored for calculated member %s.%s.

    Reason: The weakest most supported property value of the specified computed member. It should be ignored.

    Reason: No other home value mapping was specified for member Name=”87ca5db5″>

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